Oct 30, 2017 06:48 amTopic id: 01188

Gearing the Slide Show to our dear Blog

At the moment of this writing, the slide show and the blog were separated scripts the idea now is that they became geared up

All it will take for a blog entry to appear in the slide show would be to check a check box and that's it!

Oct 30, 2017 06:50 amReply: 1

The reason they were separated was that the Slide Show was created before the blog.

So the Slide Show should link some entries of a blog that was not ours. But now since the blog is coded by me too, the next step is to link them.

Oct 30, 2017 06:50 amReply: 2

The first step is to create a field on the blog entry table with a boolean value: true for appearing on the slide show!

Oct 30, 2017 07:01 amReply: 3

Done. The next step is to put a check box for this Slide Show on the Update Form of Blog Entry that works.

So we can include (or exclude) that/whatever entry on the slide show!

Indeed that would be all on that blog script!

Oct 30, 2017 07:55 amReply: 4

Done. Now from the blog manager you can add/remove an entry to/from the slide show!!

The next tasks is that the Slide Show script to take the info from the blog table instead of a slide show table.

Oct 30, 2017 11:37 amReply: 5

Well now comes the work on the Slide Show Script.

The current Slide Show Script needs another version that would be the one that gear up with our dear blog

That means that we will keept the Former Slide Show Script and so we will work on a copy on other folder.

Oct 30, 2017 12:01 pmReply: 6

Done. The new script has been copied to other folder.

This only means that we will keep the former code.