My Tweets Here
A few years ago, some sites had twitter timelines in which visitors could see their own tweets if they want to. That's cool! We are set out to put such a feature here.
A couple of pages that I know of, that put such awesome timelines back then were: the now defunct [a href="" target="_blank" ][/a] and the mma site: [a href="" target="_blank" ][/a] However that was before 2013. On that year Twitter changed its API and these site that I knew of remove the service or better saying they did not or could not ? continue to show it because most likely, and the service was not available anymore Basically if I remember correctly such timeline was for followers but in the documentation of this date, such is not included, or available. Therefore in order to bring such feature back. This got to be working around. And this is how I plan to. Not a magic plan but I had to give to it a thought for a time, this is Timelines are linked to lists. So me or the site creates a list, creates the widget for it. Now the idea is that via script people can add or remove themselves to/from the timeline So in order to allow people to add/remove themselves to the timeline they must do two steps. For adding themselves to the timeline, 1) follow albumpopayan account on twitter 2) add their screen names to the list This is so because... If we work only with the followers list. That list can not currently be linked to a timeline in twitter. However could be created a mirror list, adding and removing all users in the list every time one adds to it or using some cron-job service, but twitter warns to be careful with such ways. That would be no efficient. And might lead to termination of service. The other way, that people add their screen names themselves, would not work either since a person could add or delete screen names which don't belong to that person. So to resolve those two last problems, the only way I came with: is to do it, with the two ways at the same time indeed. When the person submits his/her screen name the script will check if the person's account follows the site account, this means that the person wants ? this service, otherwise the script does not add the screen name to the list. This way, only the person can add/remove himself/herself from the list linked to the timeline.