MisNotas.info e-exam - random question order and more
The MisNotas.info script has been enhanced with some handy features. One checks the input grades so they be a number and within range, the other shows the exam questions to each student in a random order.
The first feature makes that numbers out of range or letters cause the user unable to submit. The second features makes that the order of the questions within an exam for one student to be random, this feature surley helps to prevent cheating. Other features include a key to enter in order to get access to the exam. The Professor will only know of it when he/she activates the exam. The Professor must write it on board or scream it or both. This helps also to prevent cheating with somebody taking the exam from outside the room, or at least makes it harder. [img src="http://albumpopayan.com/blog-ap/uploads/00486/teacher-papers.jpg" width="384" vspace="12" hspace="4" /] [img src="http://albumpopayan.com/blog-ap/uploads/00486/teacher-laptop.jpg" width="380" vspace="12" hspace="4" /]