MisNotas.info - Viewing grades just with the student code
An alternative way to see the grades has been added. Student need only their student code to check their grades.
I had added a captcha test (simple one) just to avoid some abuse. But of course the schools decide on that also. At the moment it does an alternative-easier login for students. However who knows if this would be the best approach for e-exams. Whatever the students log in, by registering in the site or with this quick captcha way, they will have to enter another key at the moment of the exam (The Professor must write it on the board or and say it loudly). Because either way, the students could tell somebody to login from outsite and answer for them since the e-exam is through internet. However with this live key, those chances are less. This very same approach of the live key is taken in the Moodle script/software Anyway. The Professor or Professors must be there guarding the e-exam because cheating is possible in Paper and Online.