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Another name for this project: [a href="http://MyQuiz.online" target="_blank" ]MyQuiz.online[/a] to highlight that feature, the exam online avoiding entirely for Professors the hassle of assessing one by one on paper
Nonetheless, Professors seem like a hard nut to crack. Before such advantage they seem indiferent, hopefully if they get to use it (for example for rehearshal of icfes exam) they likely realize of the tremendous tool they have before them. The online exam feature has its limits for example right now, it only works with one format: Unique Selection, the same of the Goverment's exam. But the script has another huge advante is cheap. [table border="0" width="100%"][td][input type="button" value="<" onClick="javascript:change_pic('bw','00488')" style="margin-top:0" ][/td][td width="50%" align="center"][span id="img_gallery"]Photo Gallery[/span][/td][td with="25%" align="center"][span id="img_tracking"][/span][b]/[/b][span id="img_count"][/span][/td] [td width=20% align=center][input type=button value=d onClick="javascript:delete_pic()" ][/td][td align="right"][input type="button" value=">" onClick="javascript:change_pic('fw','00488')" style="margin-top:0"][/td][/table] [center][p][img id="myImg" src="http://albumpopayan.com/blog-ap/uploads/00488/classroom.jpg" /][/p][/center] Also in the card, I put the image above, it highlights the fact that the exam is on the pcs in a friendly way.