How to make a bench with pallets
Here is a link to a video that shows how to do a bench with 3 pallets [a href="" target="_blank" ][/a]
I gave to it a try and it worked! Here are three benches a made myself [table border="0" width="100%"][td][input type="button" value="<" onClick="javascript:change_pic('bw','00512')" style="margin-top:0" ][/td][td width="50%" align="center"][span id="img_gallery"]Photo Gallery[/span][/td][td with="25%" align="center"][span id="img_tracking"][/span][b]/[/b][span id="img_count"][/span][/td] [td width=20% align=center][input type=button value=d onClick="javascript:delete_pic()" ][/td][td align="right"][input type="button" value=">" onClick="javascript:change_pic('fw','00512')" style="margin-top:0"][/td][/table] [center][p][img id="myImg" src="" /][/p][/center]