Coding a file manager
Coding a simple file manager for web hosting has become necessary. Here up next the reasons for it and how it would be
First of all, the easiest way to upload to a web hosting is via ftp (file transfer system), which is good with Filezilla. Also Yahoo's web hosting file manager is just great also. So why should I bother coding one. Well there are several good reasons: 1) FUN. PHP is so great that is fun and a challenge and an interesting project 2) PRICE? FileZilla is charging for their premium service for hosting with Azure (Micro-Soft), etc. So I dont know for how long it would free for hosting like Yahoo. So, ftp is best way, but if I have to pay it, I might not be able to afford it 2) SECURITY. Accessing with the Yahoo file manager is bit difficult but not only that. That panel has a lot more features, that are a security risk if I would be signing from other computer other than mine 3) STARTUP. A startup about hosting service might be possible. But Reseller Plans are two expensive at change with Latino-Currency. So the ony way to give offer affordable simple hosting is by having my own file manager. Otherwise I would have to pay Royalties for control panels. This startup is ?? but still might be worth a try. 4) BACKUP. For example if my dear computer or connection breaks I might have to access via other computer and installing FTP or whatever, people dont allow it, and using Yahoo file manager is a security risk The file manager would be like that, except I dont want to edit files in a web form, better to download / upload files like in ftp.