The new chat now again supports private conversation as well as the messenger feature.
Programacion 2a Fiesta de Reyes del 05 al 08 de Enero del 2017
Todos debemos cuidar el medio ambiente y la Ley ahora contempla los comparendos ambientales, conozcalos aqui para que este informado y no sea multado.
A few months ago it was announced that WhatsApp is going to share data with FaceBook [a href="" target="_blank" ] Link [/a] in order to likely display ads.
Yes, for the time being, Google has limited in its browser Chrome the access to the getUserMedia (mic and camera) API to sites under https only.
Yes. This site features now a chat that has audio option. With it people can listen themselves before sending their audios if they want to.
I was checking this site [a href="" target="_blank" ][/a] and found out it is very handy. Its key element is the audio.