Banners this size 200x200 could be placed on main page but we have to check first since though it is good for the banners, the page might look overcrowded.
Ad banners can be programmed now. The next step is the deployment of these ads on main page. As suggested before it would be in a google way, this is, the page loads first and next it requests for the ads.
Los Super Amigos de la [a href="" target="_blank" ][/a] es un nombre curioso a un modelo similar, aunque no igual, a la subscripcion digital!
Fotos Candidatas Reinado Asocomunal 2010 REPO
Fotos Cabalgata Enero 2010 REPO
Fotos Candidatas Reinado Bordo 2010 REPO
This site will now work on displaying the ads, in a google way. This is the page loads and then request the cloud what ads, it should display.
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