The issue is this. This is a small site, it would not make sense to make a version for smarthphone. So a meta tag might help the page to be rendered correctly on those devices ...
This site needs a counter, for several reasons, and we plan in this very month set one, again tailor made...
Ahora el setup de un modulo de se puede realizar con unos pocos clicks en [a href="" target="_blank" ][/a]
Desfile de Modas en el Claustro de Santo Domingo 2010
Fotos Modelo Kimberly
It is late for the feature of navigation of the blog which will allow to go back and forward through the blog entries.
The slide show and the blog are not the same script. The idea now is that they become geared. A blog entry would need only to be checked in a checked box to be on the slide show.
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